Have a Heart Award 2017 Nominations: Open

have a heart

Have a Heart for Burlington is a collective of community agencies and service providers, neighbourhood groups, sport groups and community members. The network members recognize that there are many children and youth in Burlington with diverse backgrounds, facing a variety of barriers to participation in recreation and physical activity. The network formed with the intent of working collectively to ensure that all children in Burlington have to opportunity to be physically active every day. The Have a Heart for Burlington Award is to be handed out annually to:

A community, sport, recreation group, or individual champion who shares their value of sports and recreation in innovative ways with community, with the intention of ensuring that sport and recreation is available to every child in Burlington.

The criteria that will be use by the community panel to select the winner is as follows:

Has contributed through one or more of the following innovative or community-based ways…

  • Introduced sport/recreation opportunities using in non-traditional spaces or approaches
  • Developed policies to increase inclusion
  • Provided increased access for opportunities for sport/recreation skill building and/or sport leadership development
  • Used an innovative approach for outreach to connect with diverse populations
  • Lead partnership development that has increased inclusion in sport and recreation

Previous award winners include: Burlington Youth Soccer Club, Blaire Sayers t his work with the Start2Finish program at Tecumseh Public School, and Mary Nichol from the Burlington Gymnastics Club and Burlington Sport Alliance.

Nominations for this years award are due May 1, 2017  at 4 pm.
To make a nomination please complete the following on-line form:

If you have questions or want to submit additional information about a nominee please contact Shazia Wall at swall@cdhalton.ca

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